She's a Man Now promo card, 2016

This exhibition was presented in the, Judith Taylor Gallery, at Arcadia University, from September 15th- October 1st, 2016.


Artist Statement


With the show, She's a Man Now, I wanted to acknowledge the person I was as well as the one I was at the time when I made the work. When my voice finally changed I thought the ridicule I faced while growing up as a feminine child would fade. Eventually, I became aware that my feminine self was still with me, maybe it's not expressed in the same exact way it was when I was seven, it was certainly still there. This show aimed to acknowledge, accept, and share that part of me with the viewer.

Intuition 1/2, 2016

Intuition 2/2, 2016

Intuition, installation example, 2016

Waiting For a Friend At the Bar 1/2, 2016

Waiting For a Friend At the Bar 2/2, 2016

Waiting For a Friend At the Bar, installation example, 2016

Man Blowing Bubbles, video still, 2016