"In Simultaneous Invention, Spillway member Jaxson Arnold invites Katie Rauth to collaborate on a two-person exhibition which speaks to their own gendered experiences, reflecting on how to navigate the way in which one is seen, whether it’s by others or one’s self.

Jaxson Arnold’s multimedia-works aim to narrow the gap between their private & public identity by challenging their comfort with public gendered experiences. They often revisit childhood recollections of shame and create new memories using retrospection and assurance as a guide."

Installation image of Simultaneous Invention at Spillway Collective, 2019

as spaces change, 1/2, video and audio, 2019

as spaces change, 2/2video & audio, 2019

Any remembrance of being tender escape my mind.


My expression feels like its taken the shape of something uniform. 


It feels rigid, hard, and unhappy.


In conscious moments I try to soften these impulses with the gesture of a smile.


On a good day my mind wanders and I’m no longer here. 


I’m somewhere better. 


Usually somewhere I’ve been before.


Sometimes I just imagine being the person I thought I wanted to be, and how that might feel in this space, right now.


As spaces change I feel my self morph.


I’m bold


I’m worried


I’m free


I’m scared


I’m hopeful


I’m hopeless



How can a person be so many things?

they changed me, 1/3, multi-media, 2019

I remember being young and just  acting.


Being myself and not thinking about consequences;


    the impending judgement of my peers, teachers, neighbors, and retail clerks.



        They shaped me.



Hesitation replaced instinct.


Despondency replaced comfort.


Time moved forward, while I moved back.

they changed me, 2/3, multi-media, 2019

they changed me, 3/3, multi-media, 2019

Who do you want to be?, video, 2019